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Trevor Services™ is a digital competition
and sales promotion platform which allows
brands, agencies and media owners to
deliver mobile, SMS and digital promotions
globally, whilst being managed centrally.

With our robust promotional platform, your promotion is guaranteed to be 100%
compliant. Trevor Services™ technology operates stand-alone or as an integrated solution
within a partner CMS environment. Whilst we run many campaign-based opportunities,
Trevor Services™ excels when integrated into a partner CMS platform enabling numerous
global campaigns to run, with varying campaign mechanism, simultaneously.

Engaging Promotional

Instant win

Instant win gratification creates high appeal for existing, lapsed and swinging shoppers. Designed to lift sales, noise and anticipation.

Gift with purchase

Add value and maximize turnover by offering your customers and partners a premium bundle deal or free gift when purchasing your product or service.

Cash back

Drive brand engagement and sales by offering your customers and partners money back on their purchases, all managed in one central platform.

Chance to win

What better way to create awareness of your brand and generate engagement for existing, new and lapsed customers.

Prize draws

They offer a variety of ways to engage with your customers, using different mechanics such as instant win, daily draws, weekly draws, major prize draw at the end of the promotion.


Sweepstakes are a great way to build brand awareness, drive sales and generate enthusiasm amongst your consumers and retailers through the use of engaging competitions.

Simple entry

Easy and effective way to attract new customers and increase awareness of a NPD or revitalizing an existing customer base with an enter to win.

Unique code

Unique or personal codes is great at increasing customer interaction with discounts and create exclusive offers for loyal shoppers.

Judges / 25 words or less

Creating a quality engagement with your lapsed and existing customers.


Promotional Technology

  • Central campaign management
  • Global campaign execution across multiple territories
  • Real-time campaign data
  • Customised campaign dashboard
  • Operational and financial cost efficiencies
  • Multiple promotional campaign mechanisms e.g. cashback, instant win and gift with purchase
  • Terms & conditions, permits and gaming compliance
  • Prize draw algorithm mechanisms e.g. random, hourly, daily, weekly, end of promotion

Entry & Claim Management

  • Unique code validation & response
  • Promotional claim checking & response
  • Independent winner selection
  • Independent entry moderation & content judging
  • Email notification

Promotional Fulfillment

  • Vouchers and rewards
  • Travel Prize / Winner Management
  • Cash payments: EFT transfer and prepaid card
  • Virtual wallets: generic and branded
  • Multi-territory or multi-language fulfilment

Real-Time Data
and Analytics

Trevor Service™ dashboard technology pulls data from multiple sources in Real Time and display’s it in a single location. Providing an at-a-glance summary of how promotional campaigns are performing, giving both client and agency a single source of truth, and the ability to drill down for deeper investigation on promotional performance, metric and ROI.

Integrated or stand-alone. The choice is yours.

Trevor Services™ technology operates stand-alone or as an integrated solution within a partner CMS environment.

Global Execution. Central Management.

Our dashboard reporting allows the client to customise the data and screens required, providing the real-time data relevant to the promotions and the associated KPIs.

Insurance and
Risk Management

Making Brands Bold

Reverse-engineer ideas and prize mechanics to maximise a brand’s headline offers and promotions with Trevor Services™


A successful promotion requires a delicate balance. On the one hand, you need a compelling offer to drive sales uplift. On the other hand, you want to avoid the cost of excessive claims or redemptions, which could harm your client's marketing budget. Fixed Fee or Promotional Insurance is effectively a budget management tool which protects brands against higher than anticipated redemption rates

Rewards to make
shoppers click

  • Make a stronger connection between the incentive and the action you want your customers to take.
  • Encourage customers to connect with your brand on a deeper level.
  • Put money back in your pocket with reduced cost for production and delivery.
  • Vouchers, e-codes, cash & physical prize delivery with Trevor Services™

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